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Koocu Guangzhou Koocu Technology Co. Ltd

Koocu Enterprise Group,English abbreviation is " Koocu ".Koocu purpose: Koocu design, produce, sales of high quality of mobile-phone repair tools to customer those in pursuit of quality and favourable price.Enterprise Vision: Committed to provide most uesful mobile-phone repair tools to consumers.Koocu Spirit: the life philosophy of simple, stylish and exquisite, Koocu is an advocator of return nature and restore the nature of life. Adhering the "respect for customers" spirit to Koocu. enhance the product's personality,Koocu orientation: To be Pathfinder of Pragmatism mobile-phone repair tools.Welcome to KOOCU Enterprise Group! Koocu is a young brand and full of comprehensive innovative group enterprise, which owns four listed companies: (Liwan Coolgadgest of Guangzhou), (Guangzhou Mikorean Technology Co. Limited), (Guangzhou Comsen Photoelectric Co. Limited) and (Guangzhou Koocu-Elite Co. Limited).Liwan Coolgadgest of Guangzhou which is specialized in R&D, Manufacturing and OEM/ODM various of Cellphone Repair Machine,Cellphone repair tools,Mobilephone repair Consumables and Cellphone Repair Accessories,with major consumer products including:Soldering Paste,Spirit Bottle,Screwdriver,Multimeter,Soldering Station,Mobilephone tools and fixture and ultrasonic cleanner etc, In addition to Koocu Enterprise Group other subsidiary company Products including:mobilephone LCD screen, mobile phone tempered glass, Blue-tooth speaker.Koocu enterprise group have two factory which is located in Shantou canton and foshan canton. And its totally more than 230 people.In 2014 Koocu Enterprise Group brand value is 2 billion yuan, continuing to be the first brand of Chinese Cellphone repairs industry. Koocu committed to pay much attention on the quality control for our products, Strictly comply with ISO9001 operation specification, Provide the satisfying product to customer

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